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Our T-shirt Dress is comfortable, sleek, and perfectly breathable. Cut with a loose fit yet structured to look cute and made with soft to the touch fabric, this is the kind of dress you want to wear all day long. Ideal for any body shape and style, each black, short sleeve, at the thigh dress is beautifully screen printed with a trend-setting saying or image. Choose a few to fill your wardrobe and suit your moods or give this dress as a unique, personalized gift. 


Durable, breathable, oh-so-wearable -- 100% cotton keeps its shape while allowing airflow. Luxurious to the touch, the best part about clothing made from cotton is that it gets softer with every wash and never irritates the skin. 

Questions? We’ve got answers! 

Q: How is the design printed on each dress? 

A: We use a highly durable, beautiful screen printing process that will remain even after years of use. 

Q: How does the sizing work? 

A: Our T-shirt Dresses come in two sizes, small/medium and medium/large. They are designed to fit loosely with varying drape levels depending on your size. If you are a 0 this dress in small/medium will be loose and fit with plenty of drapes. If you are a size 4-6 the small/medium will feel relaxed yet fit closer to the body, for a draped fit, opt for the medium/large size. Finally, if you are a size 8-10, this dress in medium-large will fit closer to the body with less drape. 

Q: How are the dresses packaged? 

A: We take great care in packaging the T-shirt Dress in clear pouches with the printed design showing. This makes traveling, gifting, and organization a breeze. 

For any additional questions, we are here to assist. 

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